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Precise End(USA)

  • Date of latest update : Oct 23,2020

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Real Precise(USA) 2003 Horse Farma Speech() Farma Way(USA)  
Endless Circle(USA) 2004 Horse Inside Circle() Pentelicus(USA)  
Gi Ra Seong(KOR) 2004 Horse Dauntless Cat() Mountain Cat(USA)  
Solid Strike(USA) 2004 Horse Solid Claim() Mining(USA)  
Brookhaven's Money(USA) 2005 Horse Foxy Grand(USA) El Baba(USA)  
Tuffend(USA) 2005 Horse Solid Claim() Mining(USA)  
Aldhibain(JPN) 2011 Horse Alpheratz(JPN) Boston Harbor(USA) 8 wins in 68 starts to 24,935,500(JPY)
Meiner Lavoro(JPN) 2011 Horse Lovely Tensia(JPN) Afleet(CAN) 7 wins in 109 starts to 12,068,000(JPY)
Meisho Utage(JPN) 2011 Horse She'll be Back(JPN) Fuji Kiseki(JPN) 9 wins in 52 starts to 191,375,000(JPY)
Kafuji Take(JPN) 2012 Horse Take the Cake(JPN) Scan(USA) 7 wins in 34 starts to 237,979,000(JPY)
Precise King(JPN) 2012 Horse Josephine(JPN) Erhaab(USA) 14 wins in 36 starts to 45,205,000(JPY)
Shigeru Shimadai(JPN) 2013 Horse Nanako Fresco(JPN) Mejiro Ryan(JPN) 1 wins in 34 starts to 27,000,000(JPY)
Win Wealth(JPN) 2013 Horse Long Pile(JPN) Special Week(JPN) 8 wins in 40 starts to 13,414,000(JPY)
Shigeru Bengaltora(JPN) 2014 Horse Rose Halo(JPN) King Halo(JPN) 3 wins in 31 starts to 65,234,000(JPY)
Shigeru Boss Zaru(JPN) 2014 Horse It's About Silver(CAN) Silver Deputy(CAN) 1 wins in 33 starts to 21,472,000(JPY)
Avaler Saut(JPN) 2015 Horse Alseid(JPN) Agnes Tachyon(JPN) 4 wins in 30 starts to 13,715,000(JPY)
Damonde(JPN) 2015 Horse Fuchsia(JPN) Gold Allure(JPN) 11 wins in 42 starts to 24,758,000(JPY)
Denniston(JPN) 2015 Horse Blue Polaris(JPN) Way of Light(USA) 6 wins in 45 starts to 26,390,000(JPY)
End Warning(JPN) 2015 Horse Ishino Dream(JPN) Warning(GB) 2 wins in 41 starts to 14,605,000(JPY)
Fernandopolis(JPN) 2015 Horse Jono Niagara(JPN) Timber Country(USA) 0 wins in 2 starts to 874,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.