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  • Date of latest update : May 29,2020

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Alpine Getaway(USA) 2005 Mare Solitary Angel(USA) Dehere(USA)  
Amano Commander(JPN) 2016 Horse Beauty Commander(JPN) Commander in Chief(GB) 1 wins in 30 starts to 1,315,000(JPY)
Antares(MEX) 2005 Horse Laysan Millerbird() Broad Brush(USA)  
Anvil(JPN) 2016 Gelding Namura Mystery(JPN) Genuine(JPN) 1 wins in 12 starts to 10,100,000(JPY)
Arbor Day(JPN) 2016 Mare Earth Tree(JPN) Durandal(JPN) 0 wins in 9 starts to 0(JPY)
Ashaka Libra(JPN) 2014 Horse Sweet Lorelei(USA) Rahy(USA) 2 wins in 27 starts to 33,734,000(JPY)
A Shin Hannibal(JPN) 2017 Colt A Shin Santa Fe(USA) Zensational(USA) 1 wins in 4 starts to 826,000(JPY)
Awesome Secret(KOR) 2008 Horse Blossom Again(USA) Awesome Again(CAN)  
Azura(USA) 2005 Mare Proud Fillie(FR) Linamix(FR)  
Battle Ku(JPN) 2014 Mare Sirius Tosho(JPN) Special Week(JPN) 4 wins in 73 starts to 1,943,000(JPY)
Beautiful Venue(USA) 2004 Mare Avenue Shopper(USA) Avenue of Flags(USA)  
Bedarra(USA) 2005 Mare Strikeapromise(USA) Smart Strike(CAN)  
Bellwood Kocho(JPN) 2017 Colt Kochosan(JPN) Kurofune(USA) 1 wins in 10 starts to 5,750,000(JPY)
Better Half(JPN) 2016 Mare Tsuyoi Kimochi(JPN) Symboli Kris S(USA) 1 wins in 10 starts to 7,000,000(JPY)
Big City Slicker(USA) 2007 Gelding Big City Bound(USA) Shelter Half(USA)  
Biker Boy(USA) 2005 Gelding Pledge the Fifth() Danzig(USA)  
Bistro West(USA) 2005 Gelding Shag(USA) Dixieland Band(USA)  
Blackwell(USA) 2007 Mare One Eye Love(USA) Quiet American(USA)  
Brace Yourselves(USA) 2007 Horse Pacific Squall(USA) Storm Bird(CAN)  
Braly Max(JPN) 2018 Colt Aranrhod(JPN) Marvelous Sunday(JPN)  
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.