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Deep Impact(JPN)

  • Date of latest update : Oct 23,2017

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Act Naturally(JPN) 2011 Mare Shires Ende(USA) El Prado(IRE) 6 wins in 37 starts to 12,420,000(JPY)
A Day in the Life(JPN) 2011 Horse Rush Life(JPN) Sakura Bakushin O(JPN) 6 wins in 13 starts to 132,039,000(JPY)
Admirable(JPN) 2014 Colt Scarlet(JPN) Symboli Kris S(USA) 3 wins in 5 starts to 124,071,000(JPY)
Admire Azeri(JPN) 2014 Colt Azeri(USA) Jade Hunter(USA) 1 wins in 4 starts to 9,600,000(JPY)
Admire Daio(JPN) 2013 Horse Admire Marine(JPN) Kurofune(USA) 3 wins in 5 starts to 36,297,000(JPY)
Admire Jorasses(JPN) 2014 Colt Admire Kanna(JPN) Brian's Time(USA) 1 wins in 5 starts to 9,750,000(JPY)
Admire Kinkaku(JPN) 2010 Horse Sonic Groove(JPN) French Deputy(USA) 2 wins in 47 starts to 44,165,000(JPY)
Admire Robson(JPN) 2014 Colt Admire Marine(JPN) Kurofune(USA) 2 wins in 5 starts to 24,950,000(JPY)
Admire Sky(JPN) 2012 Horse Admire Kanna(JPN) Brian's Time(USA) 2 wins in 27 starts to 25,242,000(JPY)
Admire Star(JPN) 2012 Horse Admire Marine(JPN) Kurofune(USA) 1 wins in 16 starts to 20,364,000(JPY)
Adramelech(JPN) 2014 Colt Sweet Hearth(USA) Touch Gold(USA) 1 wins in 10 starts to 13,000,000(JPY)
Affectueuse(JPN) 2013 Horse Always Willing(USA) Elusive Quality(USA) 1 wins in 11 starts to 6,770,000(JPY)
Affilato(JPN) 2013 Mare Lady of Venice(FR) Loup Solitaire(USA) 2 wins in 8 starts to 19,100,000(JPY)
Agnes Coming(JPN) 2013 Horse Agnes Kalmia(USA) Came Home(USA) 3 wins in 28 starts to 1,133,000(JPY)
Aile du Reve(JPN) 2013 Mare Reve d'Iman(FR) Highest Honor(FR) 2 wins in 13 starts to 25,032,000(JPY)
Aim High(JPN) 2012 Horse Cendrillon(JPN) Commander in Chief(GB) 2 wins in 21 starts to 32,503,000(JPY)
Air Reprend(JPN) 2009 Horse Air Deja Vu(JPN) Northern Taste(CAN) 3 wins in 29 starts to 43,427,000(JPY)
Akihiro(JPN) 2014 Colt Baahama(IRE) Anabaa(USA)  
Al Ain(JPN) 2014 Colt Dubai Majesty(USA) Essence of Dubai(USA) 4 wins in 8 starts to 225,050,000(JPY)
Albert Dock(JPN) 2012 Horse Golden Doc A(USA) Unusual Heat(USA) 5 wins in 18 starts to 175,869,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.