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Dr. Fager(USA)

  • Date of latest update : Oct 1,2022

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
A Streaker() 1977 Mare Fashion Verdict(USA) Court Martial(GB)  
Bespangle(USA) 1977 Mare Zenith Star(USA) Vertex(USA)  
Corboda(USA) 1977 Horse Cequillo(USA) Princequillo(IRE)  
Crystal Goddess(USA) 1977 Mare Goddess Roman(USA) Chieftain(USA)  
Dearest Doctor() 1977 Horse Dearest Mommy(USA) Summer Tan(USA)  
Demure(USA) 1977 Mare Quiet Charm(USA) Nearctic(CAN)  
Domain(USA) 1977 Horse Minnetonka(USA) Chieftain(USA)  
Dr. Blum(USA) 1977 Horse Due Dilly(USA) Sir Gaylord(USA)  
Dr. Johnson(USA) 1977 Gelding Quilloquick(USA) Graustark(USA)  
Dr. Mcguire(USA) 1977 Horse Katie Jones(USA) Sir Ivor(USA)  
Ellie Milove(USA) 1977 Mare Barbs Dancer(USA) Northern Dancer(CAN)  
Explorare(USA) 1977 Mare Montagues Lament(USA) T.V. Lark(USA)  
Fager's Fancy(USA) 1977 Mare North of Venus(USA) Northern Dancer(CAN)  
For the Occasion() 1977 Mare Fazenda(ARG) Dancing Moss(GB)  
Henmedic(USA) 1977 Mare Dimashq(USA) Damascus(USA)  
Master Surgeon(USA) 1977 Horse Rare Bouquet(USA) Prince John(USA)  
Movin' Money(USA) 1977 Mare Ride the Trails(USA) Prince John(USA)  
Open Gate(USA) 1977 Mare On Duty(USA) Sea Bird(FR)  
Operable(USA) 1977 Horse By the Hand(USA) Intentionally(USA)  
Passerine(USA) 1977 Mare Pashamin(USA) My Babu(FR)  
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.