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Scope of Responsibilities

  1. 1.The service makes its best effort with regard to the accuracy of information and system operation in light of the nature of the system, which involves the multiprocessing of complex data and relies on data obtained from multiple data sources. Users shall understand that the service may be interrupted, the timing for the provision of information may be delayed, and that errors or omissions may occur in the information.
  2. 2.The Japan Bloodhorse Breeders’ Association (JBBA) assumes no responsibilities or obligations whatsoever for any manner of losses (including special, indirect or secondary losses) incurred by users or third parties due to errors or omissions in the service.
  3. 3.JBBA makes not warranties as to the completeness, accuracy, effectiveness or other qualities of the information users obtain through the service.
  4. 4.JBBA assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses, damages or delays arising due to the performance or non-performance of work for reasons beyond the control of JBBA, whether malfunctioning or breakdown of equipment used, invalidity of information, strikes and other labor disputes, rioting, fires, revolts, wars, failed communication networks, severe storms, accidents, natural disasters or any other occurrences similar to the above.
  5. 5.Irrespective of the circumstances, JBBA assumes no responsibility whatsoever in the event of any loss of expected benefit or other economic loss including special, indirect or secondary losses in relation to or caused by the information a user obtains from the service or the utility, existence, supply, functioning of use of the service.
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