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Privacy Policy

The Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association ("JBBA," hereafter) provides various information services to users through the pages of the JBIS-Search website it manages and operates. While JBBA may ask users to provide personal information in the course of delivering these services, it respects the privacy of users and takes great care to protect their personal information.

This privacy policy describes JBBA's basic policy on the handling of users' personal information on JBIS-Search.

1. When does JBIS-Search ask users to provide personal information?

JBIS-Search asks users to provide personal information when they apply to JBIS-Search for the use of its database, when they submit opinions or suggestions through questionnaires and other communications at the request of JBIS-Search, and in other similar cases.

In addition, there are some JBIS-Search services which cannot be used until information concerning the individual (personal information), such as their personal address, has first been clarified.

2. What kind of personal information does JBIS-Search ask users to provide?

To email or otherwise contact users as part of the service, JBIS-Search asks users to provide information such as their name, postal address and email address. In cases such as when JBIS-Search solicits opinions and suggestions from users, it may ask cooperating users to provide information such as their age, gender and occupation.

3. Purpose of use of personal information

When JBIS-Search asks users to provide personal information, it will inform users that such personal information is required and disclose the purpose of use. Users should act on their own will in providing personal information.

4. Scope of use of personal information

JBIS-Search will only use the personal information users have sent it within the scope of purpose disclosed in advance. The information will never be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.

For example, JBIS-Search may disclose the following purpose of use.
"The opinions received from users may be used along with your name on the JBIS-Search website or on the website of JBIS-Search operator the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association."
In this case, the information will only be used on the websites of JBIS-Search or its operator the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association.

Also note that while information derived from the statistical processing of personal information may be released on websites or elsewhere, no individual-identifying information will be released. This refers to information such as "A total of xxx users accessed the xxx website."

5. Management of personal information

To prevent the personal information users have sent to JBIS-Search from being lost, altered or leaked, JBIS-Search conducts stringent security measures and manages the information under a safe environment which is not accessible to general users.

In addition, safe management of the information is thoroughly enforced on each JBIS-Search website under the responsibility of a personal information manager.

6. Correction, modification and deletion of personal information

At the request of a user to correct, modify or delete personal information they have sent to JBIS-Search, JBIS-Search shall correct, modify or delete the registered information after confirming the wishes of the individual.

7. Encrypted communication methods

SSL is a method for encrypted communications used when transmitting data over the Internet. As JBIS-Search employs SSL-based encrypted communications, information exchanged with its customers over the Internet is conducted safely.

8. Use of cookies

Information about cookies

JBIS-Search includes pages which use a technology known as cookies (first-party cookies).

A cookie is a series of text-only information a website sends to a browser cookie file stored on the hard disk of a user's computer through which the website is able to identify the user.

Cookies usually store one value in addition to the originating domain name of the cookie and its "maximum age." This value is usually a randomly-generated unique number. While the computer being used by a customer is identified using the cookie, this does not allow identification of an individual customer.

Cookies are also used to examine the status of customer site usage without identifying individuals in order to improve the site to achieve greater satisfaction.

Disabling and enabling cookies

A user can select whether to accept or reject cookies by changing their browser settings. The cookies saved to a browser's cookie folder can also be deleted.

However, some of the site's functions may no longer be available if cookies are disabled or deleted. If you are unsure of how to disable or delete cookies for your browser, select "cookies" through your browser's help function to check for detailed information.

9. Downloading of searched data

JBIS-Search makes searched data available for everyone within the scope of personal use. "Downloading" is when a user saves searched data to their PC or prints it out.

When downloading, a description showing the billing amount to be transacted between the user and the internet service provider (ISP) providing billing services, as well as a password entry screen, will be displayed. As this process falls under operating standards on the part of the ISP, this privacy policy shall not apply.

10. External sites linked from JBIS-Search

JBIS-Search may place links to external sites. As the handling and nature of personal information on the external sites to which JBIS-Search links fall under the operating standards of those sites, this privacy policy shall not apply.

11. Outsourcing of website development

JBBA may ask an external developer it deems trustworthy to develop its website. Even in such cases, users' personal information will be protected based on this privacy policy.

12. Revisions to the privacy policy

The provisions of this policy may be revised in accordance with the establishment or revision of related laws, etc.