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Security Policy

The Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association implements the following security measures in its operation of JBIS-Search.

1. SSL-based Encryption

SSL is a method for encrypted communications used when transmitting data over the Internet. As JBIS-Search employs SSL-based encrypted communications, information exchanged with its customers over the Internet is conducted safely.

2. Personal Authentication

We confirm that users themselves are accessing the site through IDs and passwords users register on the service in advance. When a user has been inactive for a certain period of time after logging in, they are automatically logged out.

3. Information Security Management System

We have established a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and laid out a structure of responsibility for information security to build management system that encourages continuous awareness of information security.

4. Preventing Unauthorized Center Intrusions

The location where our databases and servers are installed practices strict safety management to protect against unauthorized entry, damage and interference, including manned monitoring and lock management.