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Detailed Horse Information


The type of menu changes depending on the type of horse.

Example: Stallions
Example: Breeding Females


Here you can view a basic profile of the horse, such as its affiliation and registration status.


Here you can view a five-generation pedigree table, sire information and information concerning the dam line.

Race Records

Here you can view all race results and data tallied based on those results.

Stallion Reports

Here you can view best progeny results and sire ranking.
Here you can view data by generation or year. For CPI, items shown from "No. of Horses in Races" are totals for flat racing only.
Here you can view a list of offspring and their results by year.
BMS Reports
Here you can view the results and sire rankings of major offspring as broodmares (grandsire on dam's side).
Here you can view information on past and upcoming sales.


Here you can view a tree of the dam line.