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  • Date of latest update : Feb 4,2023

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Boundless Beauty(USA) 1995 Mare Oedipus Rex(USA) Rexson(USA)  
Change Return() 1995 Mare Jovial Time() Northern Jove(CAN)  
Copelan Country(USA) 1995 Horse Delaware Country(USA) Pancho Villa(USA)  
Copelan's Angel(USA) 1995 Mare Danzig Angel(CAN) Danzig Connection(USA)  
Copelan's Bid Gal(USA) 1995 Mare Bid Gal(USA) Bold Bidder(USA)  
Copelan's Climber() 1995 Mare Native Climber() Exclusive Native(USA)  
Copelan's Eva() 1995 Mare Guneva(USA) In Reality(USA)  
Copelan's Greatest(USA) 1995 Horse Nany(USA) Great Above(USA)  
Copelan's Heaven(USA) 1995 Gelding Heavenly(USA) Majestic Prince(USA)  
Copelan's Hour(USA) 1995 Gelding Minutes Into Hours(CAN) Dauphin Fabuleux(CAN)  
Copelan's Ice(USA) 1995 Gelding Sheer Ice(USA) Cutlass(USA)  
Copelan's Lilly(USA) 1995 Mare Lilly's Pleasure(USA) What a Pleasure(USA)  
Copelan's Nany(USA) 1995 Mare Nany's Appeal(USA) Valid Appeal(USA)  
Copelan's Number(USA) 1995 Gelding Imaginary Number(USA) Hero's Honor(USA)  
Copelan's Pache(USA) 1995 Horse Mepache(USA) Iron Constitution(USA)  
Copelan's Piano(USA) 1995 Mare Piano Affect(USA) Fappiano(USA)  
Copelan's Vanity() 1995 Mare Hy Vanity(USA) Proud Appeal(USA)  
Copelan Too(USA) 1995 Horse Patooie(USA) Strike Gold(USA)  
Dr. No(USA) 1995 Gelding Blend of Poetry(USA) Iron Constitution(USA)  
Jay Dreaming(USA) 1995 Mare Moment of Pleasure(USA) Timeless Moment(USA)  
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.