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  • Date of latest update : Jan 25,2022

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Achievable(AUS) 1999 Mare Occasional Gain(AUS) Lunchtime(GB)  
Antelope(JPN) 1999 Horse Tahara Madonna(JPN) Milford(GB) 6 wins in 91 starts to 6,044,000(JPY)
Dustella(AUS) 1999 Mare Just Dusted(USA) Shimatoree(USA)  
Emperor Time(JPN) 1999 Horse Shiraito Hikari(JPN) King of Darby(USA) 7 wins in 72 starts to 11,708,000(JPY)
Great Blaze(JPN) 1999 Horse Yoshino Dictus(JPN) Dictus(FR) 1 wins in 98 starts to 1,866,000(JPY)
Hakko la Seine(JPN) 1999 Mare Shin Shinobu(JPN) Treboro(USA) 1 wins in 34 starts to 1,990,000(JPY)
Hikaru Kimboshi(JPN) 1999 Mare Speed Lauren(JPN) Real Shadai(USA) 3 wins in 39 starts to 5,805,000(JPY)
Kagayaki Southpaw(JPN) 1999 Mare Onward Tchad(JPN) Hard to Beat(IRE) 1 wins in 16 starts to 1,310,000(JPY)
Kiss Me Twice(JPN) 1999 Mare Rock'n Roll Leader(USA) Caro(IRE) 0 wins in 6 starts to 1,200,000(JPY)
Little Puffin(JPN) 1999 Mare Bright High Queen(JPN) Crystal Palace(FR) 0 wins in 3 starts to 0(JPY)
Michael Shu(JPN) 1999 Horse Green Kanzashi(JPN) Authaal(USA) 5 wins in 33 starts to 1,480,000(JPY)
Napoleon Fic(JPN) 1999 Mare Dark Fic(JPN) Crystal Palace(FR) 3 wins in 81 starts to 1,881,000(JPY)
Otemba Misa(JPN) 1999 Mare Hidakatsu Tholon(JPN) Nagurski(CAN) 0 wins in 13 starts to 140,000(JPY)
Right Over(JPN) 1999 Mare Center Over(JPN) Par Flite(USA) 0 wins in 3 starts to 0(JPY)
Robbery Prove(JPN) 1999 Mare C.B.Bellezza(JPN) Maruzensky(JPN) 3 wins in 41 starts to 39,072,000(JPY)
Safari Boy(JPN) 1999 Horse Daiwa Marron(JPN) Mr. C.B.(JPN) 2 wins in 19 starts to 774,000(JPY)
Sea Berth Park(JPN) 1999 Gelding All in the Act(USA) Golden Act(USA) 0 wins in 32 starts to 3,608,000(JPY)
Suzuyo Waajib(JPN) 1999 Horse Dyna Marie(JPN) El Centauro(ARG) 8 wins in 103 starts to 4,130,000(JPY)
Toa Kumagoro(JPN) 1999 Horse Toa Hello Star(JPN) Mogami(FR) 1 wins in 6 starts to 331,000(JPY)
Toa Musashi(JPN) 1999 Horse Toa Scandal(JPN) Steel Heart(IRE) 0 wins in 5 starts to 4,140,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.