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  • Date of latest update : Mar 22,2023

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Airlift() 1997 Mare Noble and Nice(USA) Valdez(USA)  
Anniversary Date(USA) 1997 Mare Hairless Heiress(USA) Baldski(USA)  
Apricot(USA) 1997 Mare Change in Status(USA) Far North(CAN)  
Ascloseasitgets() 1997 Mare Marianna's Girl(USA) Dewan(USA)  
Backhaul(USA) 1997 Gelding Our Honoree(USA) Danzig(USA)  
Brightest Launch() 1997 Mare Burnished Bright() Well Decorated(USA)  
Conscience Clear(USA) 1997 Horse Gotta Wear Shades(USA) Kris S.(USA)  
Cost of Goods(USA) 1997 Horse Creative Image(USA) Forty Niner(USA)  
Deliteful Princess() 1997 Mare Shameless Princess() Seeking the Gold(USA)  
Dreamsport() 1997 Mare Wedding Ring(IRE) Never So Bold(IRE)  
Fast Turns(USA) 1997 Mare Hawkeye's Girl(USA) Mr. Prospector(USA)  
Heaven in My Hat(USA) 1997 Gelding Sister Chrys(USA) Fit to Fight(USA)  
Heavenly Days(USA) 1997 Mare Bibical Sense(USA) Blushing Groom(FR)  
He'stherealthing(USA) 1997 Horse Lulu Mon Amour(USA) Tom Rolfe(USA)  
High Share() 1997 Mare My Fling() Danzig(USA)  
Kir(USA) 1997 Gelding Captivant(USA) Deputy Minister(CAN)  
Launched in May(USA) 1997 Mare Tavos Connection(USA) Danzig Connection(USA)  
Launchique(USA) 1997 Mare Gutique(USA) Gulch(USA)  
Queen's Park(USA) 1997 Mare Bright Tiara(USA) Chief's Crown(USA)  
Restless Sea() 1997 Mare From Sea to Sea(CAN) Gregorian(USA)  
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.