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  • Date of latest update : Sep 25,2020

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Big Sky Chester() 1992 Horse Miracles Happen() Lear Fan(USA)  
Cat Be Nimble(USA) 1992 Gelding Frisky Kitten(USA) Isopach(USA)  
Floriselli(USA) 1994 Horse Miracles Happen() Lear Fan(USA)  
Tsubaki(JPN) 2009 Mare Asagao(JPN) Maruzensky(JPN) 10 wins in 148 starts to 9,229,500(JPY)
V Caster(JPN) 2010 Gelding Morito Oka(JPN) Brian's Time(USA) 6 wins in 107 starts to 6,782,500(JPY)
Wonder Forte(JPN) 2008 Horse Oshima Lucia(JPN) Crystal Glitters(USA) 6 wins in 75 starts to 27,608,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.