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  • Date of latest update : Jan 19,2021

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Ahpo Here(USA) 1997 Gelding Ahpo Hel(USA) Mr. Leader(USA)  
Alafrae(SAU) 1997 Horse Golden Bimmer() Gold Meridian(USA)  
All Richmoore(AUS) 1996 Gelding All Sold(AUS) Northern Spring(IRE)  
Appleby(AUS) 1997 Gelding Lobo(AUS) Palace Music(USA)  
Argentine Talisman(USA) 2008 Horse Tifonica(ARG) Equalize(USA)  
Aussie's Lad(AUS) 1997 Gelding Aussie Consul(AUS) Adraan(GB)  
Belle du Jour(AUS) 1997 Mare Delightful Belle(NZ) Balmerino(NZ)  
Captain Test(AUS) 1996 Gelding Brittle() Seattle Dancer(USA)  
Carlesimo(USA) 1997 Horse Stars Knockout(USA) Two Punch(USA)  
Charlie Horse(AUS) 1996 Gelding Gay Dynasty(AUS) Star Dynasty(AUS)  
Cinderella Story(USA) 1997 Mare Humility() Cox's Ridge(USA)  
Coeur Dehere(AUS) 1996 Mare Bella Claudia(AUS) Marscay(AUS)  
De Belle(USA) 1998 Mare Bellewood(USA) Alydar(USA)  
De Canny(AUS) 1998 Mare Miss Candy(AUS) Canny Lad(AUS)  
Decoraigh(AUS) 1997 Mare Corcaigh(AUS) Bellotto(USA)  
Defier(AUS) 1997 Gelding Lilande(AUS) Marscay(AUS)  
Defining(AUS) 1997 Gelding Flying Finish() Far Out East(USA)  
Delil(USA) 1996 Mare Elegant Lilly() Seattle Slew(USA)  
De Roma(USA) 1997 Horse Shocker T.(USA) Nodouble(USA)  
Descartes(AUS) 1997 Gelding Ice Twig(USA) Arctic Tern(USA)  
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.