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Squirtle Squirt(USA)

  • Date of latest update : Jun 23,2019

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Bordeaux Astre(JPN) 2016 Colt Shigeru Dhanyabaad(JPN) Boston Harbor(USA) 2 wins in 20 starts to 1,885,000(JPY)
Conti Dinner(JPN) 2016 Colt Peace Chaser(JPN) Agnes Tachyon(JPN) 1 wins in 8 starts to 400,000(JPY)
Conti Party(JPN) 2016 Filly Rani(JPN) Heart's Cry(JPN) 1 wins in 5 starts to 375,000(JPY)
Core Victory(JPN) 2016 Colt M K Miracle(JPN) Fuji Kiseki(JPN) 1 wins in 19 starts to 848,000(JPY)
Exmedi no Tsurugi(JPN) 2017 Filly Kusanagino Tsurugi(JPN) Durandal(JPN) 0 wins in 1 starts to 1,100,000(JPY)
Hige Crazy(JPN) 2016 Colt Burning Love(JPN) Scatter the Gold(CAN) 2 wins in 22 starts to 3,749,000(JPY)
Himalaya Tenka(JPN) 2012 Mare Nishino Kokoro(JPN) Meiner Love(USA) 7 wins in 86 starts to 8,960,500(JPY)
Kashino Cuore(JPN) 2015 Mare North Artemis(JPN) Taiki Shuttle(USA) 1 wins in 16 starts to 7,800,000(JPY)
Kashino Myself(JPN) 2013 Mare Gaily Amuse(CAN) Crafty Prospector(USA) 2 wins in 42 starts to 1,517,000(JPY)
Ken Ethereum(JPN) 2015 Horse Sakura Tachyon(JPN) Agnes Tachyon(JPN) 1 wins in 16 starts to 9,810,000(JPY)
Kita Cup(JPN) 2015 Horse Bold Cup(JPN) Opera House(GB) 7 wins in 26 starts to 2,908,000(JPY)
Kita Flag(JPN) 2015 Horse Misawa Flag(JPN) Generous(IRE) 0 wins in 15 starts to 358,000(JPY)
Kita Glorious(JPN) 2016 Filly Kita Ensign(JPN) King Glorious(USA) 0 wins in 6 starts to 15,000(JPY)
Kita Squirt(JPN) 2014 Horse Misawa Flag(JPN) Generous(IRE) 1 wins in 46 starts to 834,000(JPY)
Kita Sunday(JPN) 2016 Colt Kizakino Sign(JPN) Mejiro Desire(JPN) 0 wins in 19 starts to 212,000(JPY)
Marukan Berger(JPN) 2014 Horse (JPN) (JPN) 9 wins in 29 starts to 5,256,000(JPY)
Mirai Waka(JPN) 2013 Mare Nishino Kokoro(JPN) Meiner Love(USA) 6 wins in 69 starts to 2,584,000(JPY)
Rare Rose(JPN) 2016 Filly May Sovereign(JPN) Swept Overboard(USA) 0 wins in 21 starts to 85,000(JPY)
Sakura Sakura(JPN) 2015 Mare Sakura Verbena(JPN) Sakura Bakushin O(JPN) 2 wins in 6 starts to 400,000(JPY)
Seiei Vivid(JPN) 2016 Filly Jabulani Toto(JPN) Kurofune(USA) 0 wins in 9 starts to 1,729,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.