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  • Date of latest update : Jun 1,2020

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Able Dragon(AUS) 2004 Gelding Northwood Lady(AUS) Bluebird(USA)  
Alexios Komnenos(IRE) 2014 Horse Alexiade(IRE) Montjeu(IRE)  
Allervite(AUS) 2004 Gelding Hit and Run() Success Express(USA)  
Astrospeed(IRE) 2015 Gelding Angel Stevens(IRE) Hawk Wing(USA)  
Avoca Blue(IRE) 2005 Mare Common Rumpus(IRE) Common Grounds(GB)  
Bonboniere Lady(AUS) 2004 Mare Ideal Option(AUS) Scenic(IRE)  
Bourgogne(AUS) 2004 Mare Fionnay(NZ) Crested Wave(USA)  
Carefully Chosen(AUS) 2004 Mare Armagnac(AUS) Hennessy(USA)  
Chartist(GB) 2005 Horse Sareb(FR) Indian Ridge(IRE)  
Chinese Temple(IRE) 2005 Horse Savage(IRE) Polish Patriot(USA)  
Choican(AUS) 2004 Mare Deanna's Smile() Smile(USA)  
Choice Encounter(GB) 2015 Gelding Gimme Some Lovin(IRE) Desert Style(IRE)  
Choice Miss(AUS) 2004 Mare Burkina Miss(AUS) Zoffany(USA)  
Choiseau(IRE) 2005 Horse Little Linnet(GB) Be My Guest(USA)  
Choisette(GB) 2005 Mare Final Pursuit(GB) Pursuit of Love(GB)  
Choisie Harmony(AUS) 2004 Mare Volcano Lover(AUS) Geiger Counter(USA)  
Choisique(AUS) 2004 Mare Poetique(AUS) Our Poetic Prince(AUS)  
Choisir La Blond(AUS) 2004 Mare Life's A Rainbow(AUS) Rainbows for Life(CAN)  
Choisism(AUS) 2004 Horse Paraiba(AUS) Last Tycoon(IRE)  
Choose The Moment(GB) 2008 Mare Enclave(USA) Woodman(USA)  
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.