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American Pharoah(USA)

  • Date of latest update : Dec 2,2021

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Abul Haul(USA) 2017 Gelding Kitten's Dumplings(USA) Kitten's Joy(USA) 1 wins in 10 starts to 8,100,000(JPY)
American Theorem(USA) 2017 Horse Mighty Renee(USA) Maria's Mon(USA)  
A Shin Amen Ra(USA) 2017 Horse I O Ireland(USA) Giant's Causeway(USA) 3 wins in 10 starts to 32,520,000(JPY)
As Time Goes By(USA) 2017 Mare Take Charge Lady(USA) Dehere(USA)  
Beacon of Truth(USA) 2017 Mare Awesome Elle(USA) Awesome Again(CAN)  
Black Lotus(USA) 2018 Colt Arravale(USA) Arch(USA) 1 wins in 3 starts to 7,000,000(JPY)
Cafe Pharoah(USA) 2017 Horse Mary's Follies(USA) More Than Ready(USA) 5 wins in 9 starts to 205,309,000(JPY)
Conch Pearl(USA) 2019 Filly A Z Warrior(USA) Bernardini(USA) 1 wins in 5 starts to 11,746,000(JPY)
Danon Pharaoh(JPN) 2017 Horse Crisp(USA) El Corredor(USA) 5 wins in 17 starts to 163,700,000(JPY)
Decade of Dreams(USA) 2019 Filly My Tina(USA) Bertrando(USA)  
Dublin Pharaoh(USA) 2017 Horse Wile Cat(USA) Storm Cat(USA)  
Elephantine(JPN) 2018 Filly Sweetie Girl(ARG) Star Dabbler(USA) 1 wins in 4 starts to 5,100,000(JPY)
Elfin Queen(USA) 2017 Mare Pretty 'n Smart(USA) Beau Genius(CAN)  
Formal Attire(USA) 2017 Gelding Opulence(USA) Giant's Causeway(USA)  
Glutton Lassie(USA) 2019 Filly Brassy Lassie(USA) City Zip(USA) 0 wins in 1 starts to 0(JPY)
Harvey's Lil Goil(USA) 2017 Mare Gloria S(USA) Tapit(USA)  
Hong Kong(USA) 2017 Horse Mekko Hokte(USA) Holy Bull(USA)  
Ishtar(JPN) 2018 Filly Mohini(IRE) Galileo(IRE) 1 wins in 3 starts to 5,100,000(JPY)
Karnak(JPN) 2018 Gelding Kitten's Dumplings(USA) Kitten's Joy(USA) 0 wins in 4 starts to 510,000(JPY)
Lady Mercy(USA) 2018 Filly Two Oceans(USA) Cape Town(USA) 1 wins in 4 starts to 6,400,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.