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Hector Protector(USA)

  • Date of latest update : May 31,2023

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Aoba Sakura(JPN) 2011 Mare Lady Savanna(JPN) Timber Country(USA) 2 wins in 30 starts to 988,000(JPY)
Blow Tector(JPN) 2011 Horse Sharp Blow(JPN) Bubble Gum Fellow(JPN) 0 wins in 41 starts to 152,000(JPY)
Game of Life(JPN) 2011 Horse Laurel Fuka(JPN) Bubble Gum Fellow(JPN)  
Guaba Bellini(JPN) 2011 Mare Air Bellini(JPN) Tony Bin(IRE) 3 wins in 74 starts to 920,000(JPY)
Hector the Great(JPN) 2011 Horse Special Float(JPN) Special Week(JPN) 1 wins in 42 starts to 6,236,000(JPY)
Henriette(JPN) 2011 Mare As Madonna(JPN) Jungle Pocket(JPN) 9 wins in 119 starts to 7,352,000(JPY)
Noah Strong(JPN) 2011 Horse Garden City(JPN) Manhattan Cafe(JPN) 2 wins in 8 starts to 504,000(JPY)
Silent Hawk(JPN) 2011 Horse Ginevralski(JPN) Pilsudski(IRE) 1 wins in 29 starts to 286,000(JPY)
Sky View(JPN) 2011 Mare Ache Sky(JPN) Fusaichi Concorde(JPN) 1 wins in 21 starts to 368,000(JPY)
Sweet Sophie(JPN) 2011 Mare Cafe Chocolat(IRE) Caerleon(USA) 0 wins in 4 starts to 0(JPY)
Trojan Art(JPN) 2011 Mare Orange Blossom(JPN) Sunday Silence(USA) 0 wins in 21 starts to 1,052,000(JPY)
  • *1 Active horses shown in bold, retired horses shown in regular text.
  • *2 Previous race is shown for active horses and major results shown for retired horses.