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Henny Hughes(USA)

  • Date of latest update : Oct 1,2022

Horse Name*1 YoB Sex Dam Dam's Sire Race Record*2
Admire Lupus(JPN) 2017 Gelding Curl Fatare(JPN) King Kamehameha(JPN) 5 wins in 12 starts to 95,959,000(JPY)
Aegis(JPN) 2018 Horse Success Biscuit(JPN) Sunday Silence(USA) 3 wins in 11 starts to 1,011,000(JPY)
Afan(JPN) 2019 Filly Red Encore(JPN) King Kamehameha(JPN) 1 wins in 5 starts to 8,200,000(JPY)
Agnes Ryu(JPN) 2019 Colt Agnes Waltz(JPN) Zenno Rob Roy(JPN) 0 wins in 14 starts to 9,576,000(JPY)
A Good Plan(AUS) 2013 Gelding Strategic Choice(AUS) Strategic(AUS)  
Air Dunluce(JPN) 2017 Horse Air Ti Amo(JPN) Roses in May(USA) 1 wins in 15 starts to 10,460,000(JPY)
Alain Barows(JPN) 2018 Horse Casa Rosada(JPN) Stay Gold(JPN) 7 wins in 13 starts to 153,850,000(JPY)
Alice Springs(JPN) 2019 Filly Spring City(FR) Seeking the Gold(USA) 1 wins in 6 starts to 9,600,000(JPY)
Amazing Run(JPN) 2017 Horse My Dear Song(JPN) Deep Impact(JPN) 10 wins in 32 starts to 50,818,000(JPY)
Anarchy Lass(AUS) 2012 Mare Flying Nikita(AUS) Flying Spur(AUS)  
Anarchy Rock(AUS) 2011 Gelding Flying Nikita(AUS) Flying Spur(AUS)  
Arancione(JPN) 2016 Mare Arafune(JPN) Kurofune(USA) 3 wins in 17 starts to 1,148,000(JPY)
Arena Maestro(JPN) 2018 Mare Double Gold(JPN) Gold Allure(JPN) 4 wins in 22 starts to 9,823,000(JPY)
Asaka Dione(JPN) 2017 Mare Asaka Petite(JPN) Brian's Time(USA) 3 wins in 13 starts to 38,702,000(JPY)
A Shin Turan(JPN) 2019 Filly A Shin Agape(JPN) Roses in May(USA) 3 wins in 18 starts to 6,055,000(JPY)
Aster Hexagon(JPN) 2019 Colt Marine Festa(JPN) Sakura Bakushin O(JPN) 1 wins in 9 starts to 14,380,000(JPY)
Asumi(JPN) 2019 Filly Miracle Stay(JPN) Stay Gold(JPN) 2 wins in 7 starts to 6,525,000(JPY)
Audience(AUS) 2011 Mare Best Picture(AUS) Scenic(IRE)  
Autism Is Here(USA) 2014 Gelding Tiz Magic(USA) Tiznow(USA)  
Bakushin(JPN) 2018 Horse Out of the Whim(JPN) Sunday Silence(USA) 2 wins in 18 starts to 33,088,000(JPY)
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